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Fee Schedule

Our Fees are current for 2023

Remedial or Therapeutic Massage 1/2hr        $50

Remedial or Therapeutic Massage 1hr.           $90

Hot Stone Massage 1hr                                  $100

Hot Stone Massage 1/2hr                               $60

Saunage Remedial 1hr                                   $80

Saunage Therapeutic 1hr                               $80

Saunage Hot Stone 1hr                                  $100

Saunage treatments include:



40 minute sauna and 20 minute Remedial, Therapeutic


or Hot Stone Massage treatments. This is decided by


client when booking this treatment. Remedial treatments


are covered by Health Funds.




Remedial Massages are subject to Health Fund Rebates, so if you are in a Health Fund you will get a portion of your Remedial treatment back from that fund, this does vary from fund to fund.


Hot Stone treatments are definitely by appointment only and usually a 1 days notice is advisable due to the set-up of the treatment and this is for the full benefit of our patients. Should you be using a gift voucher for your booked appointment and fail to arrive or give 24 hours notice that you are unable to attend the voucher is considered used and is now void.

We are fully Health Fund compliant and as such Health Fund Rebates apply for all remedial treatment styles only.

In the Hot Stone (thermal therapy) rebates may apply when used in normal Remedial treatments where heat is necessary to aid in removal of stressed muscle and fascia.

Unlike a lot of therapists we work in shorter brackets of time to give the greatest amount of benefit to the areas we are treating while taking into consideration our patients needs.

We are now accepting credit card payments, there is a small fee attached with this method of 2% and is automatically completed on payment on your card.

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